The Ultimate Guide to Darjeeling Weather:
Seasons, Temperatures, Best Time to Visit

By: Navin Gurung
Categories: Darjeeling
February 27, 2023

Let me just preface this post by stating that Darjeeling weather can be unpredictable. The weather in Darjeeling is one of the major attractions of the place, and it varies significantly throughout the year. In this blog post, we will explore the different seasons in Darjeeling and what to expect from the weather during these seasons.

Summer in Darjeeling (Mid-April to June):

Summer is the most popular season in Darjeeling, and it lasts from April to June. During this time, the weather is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 11°C to 24°C. The sky is usually clear, and the views of the snow-capped mountains are stunning. Summer is a great time to explore Darjeeling and its surroundings, as the weather is ideal for outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, and sightseeing.

While Summer can be the most pleasant in Darjeeling, it is also the most unpredictable season. There can be sudden changes in weather in Darjeeling in the Summer. A sudden, uninvited shower can throw a wrench in your plans, or a rush of fog can dampen your sightseeing program. Nonetheless, you can lean into this sudden change in Mother Nature’s mood, and sip some Darjeeling Tea in your room while you enjoy the rain from your window! Once the rain clears up, the sight it leaves behind will be one to behold.

Monsoon in Darjeeling (July to September):

The monsoon season in Darjeeling lasts from July to September, and it is characterized by heavy rainfall. The temperature during this time ranges from 12°C to 19°C, and the humidity is high. The rain transforms Darjeeling into a lush green paradise, and the tea gardens look particularly beautiful during this time. At times, after a heavy shower, the heavens clear up to let sunlight in, and there is a different kind of clarity and purity in the air. The monsoon leaves behind breathtaking views of the distant hills brimming with serenity after the rain, with clouds of fog settling on those hills to give you a view of a lifetime.

However, there are downsides as well. Geologically, Darjeeling hills are a steep geographic feature, and due to this rain can also cause landslides and disrupt transportation, so it is important to check weather conditions before planning your trip.

Autumn in Darjeeling (October to November):

Autumn is a beautiful season in Darjeeling, with clear blue skies and mild temperatures. The temperature during this time ranges from 7°C to 15°C, and the views of the mountains are spectacular. Autumn is a great time to visit Darjeeling, as the weather is pleasant, and the crowds are smaller compared to the summer season.

Winter in Darjeeling (December to February):

Winter in Darjeeling is cold, with temperatures ranging from 2°C to 10°C. The sky is usually clear and sunny for the first half of the day. The views of the mountains are breathtaking, dare I say even better than that of Summer.

Darjeeling has had a few snowfalls over the past decade, and it happens in the winter. Darjeeling does not get heavy snowfalls, but they are just enough for you to witness the snow-covered roofs, trees, and hills that take your breath away. You can also head out, take a handful of snow, and enjoy the weather. Only a few lucky ones get to witness snowfall in Darjeeling!

Winter is a great time to visit Darjeeling if you enjoy the cold weather. The crowds are the smallest compared to any other time of the year, and traffic jams are at an all-year low.

Spring in Darjeeling (March to Mid-April)

Spring is the most short-lived season in Darjeeling. At this time, the weather in Darjeeling is pleasant but windy. Heavy winds blow from all directions, making you clutch that jacket harder. The temperatures in Spring in Darjeeling range from 8°C to 16°C, with the morning and nights being chillier compared to the day.

The skies remain clear at this time, with occasional drizzles. Spring marks the beginning of the busy season of Darjeeling in terms of tourism. So if you are someone who likes to meet new people, then grab your backpack!

In conclusion, Darjeeling’s weather is diverse and offers something for everyone throughout the year. Whether you prefer the warm temperatures of summer or the chilly weather of winter, Darjeeling has it all. Plan your trip with us, and let us take care of everything else while you can sit back, relax and enjoy your trip to the Queen of Hills.
Regardless of the season, Darjeeling’s natural beauty and charm will leave you spellbound.


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